How to Genuinely Thank Coronavirus Helpers

How to Genuinely Thank Coronavirus Helpers


Few people in recent history have been more deserving of thanks than the country’s frontline workers. They’ve put themselves in harm’s way throughout the pandemic to help their fellow citizens, providing critical healthcare, first responder, retail, and other service sector services.  

 They were out on the front lines while the rest of us were sheltering at home. We owe them all a sincere debt of gratitude. But having shouldered that much responsibility, how do we adequately thank coronavirus helpers? Now that things are winding down, how do we show our appreciation for everything they’ve done over the last year? This article attempts to answer that question.

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Countless people spent the pandemic tending to the sick, working on public health initiatives, and developing the vaccines that promise to bring COVID-19 to an end. The best way that we can thank them for their sacrifices is to get our vaccines and bring the pandemic to its knees.  

 There are plenty of good reasons to get vaccinated. Remember that we’re all in this together. What we do affects everyone else. While the rest of us were trying our best to avoid contact with others, our frontline workers were in the heart of the struggle every day. Some lost their lives working to protect others. By getting vaccinated, you’re giving the virus one fewer places to hide and making everyone around you safer. So if you don’t have health concerns preventing you from getting vaccinated, please do. You’ll thank coronavirus helpers indirectly by making all of their hard work worth it.

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Many frontline workers are small business owners or work for small businesses. These companies have been struggling to keep the lights on and keep their workers employed. A great way to thank coronavirus helpers, in this case, is to write a glowing review on their Google My Business profile or review sites like Yelp. 

 Consumers are increasingly using online reviews to make critical purchasing decisions, so any love you show companies online can translate directly to increased business and a healthier bottom line.


We all know at least a few frontline workers, and we could be in contact with many more by turning to our networks. Sending out thank you cards is a beautiful way to show our gratitude while providing our recipients a keepsake that they’ll treasure for the rest of their lives. 

 Typewritten messages are acceptable, but handwritten cards are so much more effective. There’s a warmth and immediacy from putting pen to paper and conveying a heartfelt message to someone else. 

 Of course, few of us have the time to handwrite dozens or hundreds of thank you letters. Simply Noted can help you thank coronavirus helpers by automating the process. We have fleets of handwriting machines, complete with ballpoint pens, ready to craft genuine handwritten cards in any quantity you require. Send one card or one hundred. Using our simple web interface, you can quickly thank coronavirus helpers with a lovely, handwritten thank you card.

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It’s been more than a year since the pandemic began, and many people have struggled to make ends meet. These difficulties are particularly poignant when it’s a coronavirus helper that’s pushing through challenging financial times. They’re risking their lives while often struggling to pay the bills. We can show our appreciation by helping them out. 

 How? When you go to a restaurant, get a haircut, or get food delivered, tip generously. That’s money right in their pocket. Instead of shopping online, try shopping locally. Now that businesses are reopening, they’re desperate for customers. Take some of the money you’ve been spending on the internet and reinvest it into your community. This helps small businesses and lets you indirectly thank coronavirus helpers for being on the frontline when no one else could.

 You might also consider supporting relief charities that are focused on propping up struggling workers. People that lost their jobs during the pandemic had the government to fall back on. Unemployment wasn’t an option for those with frontline jobs that had their hours cut or had to contend with dangerous conditions. These charities give them a leg up as they get back on their feet.

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Creating a kid-friendly art project helps get your kids involved in the practice of gratitude. You might have your kids create extra big thank you cards and deliver them to area hospitals. You could also design smaller thank you notes — something the size of Valentine’s Day cards — and have your kids hand them out whenever you encounter someone that deserves one. 

 Yard signs are another fun project to share with kids. Draw and color a giant thank you sign, or signs, and post them in your front yard or around your neighborhood. The signs will grant any passersby the gratitude they’re due.

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Barring every other suggestion, the simplest, purest way to show your appreciation is a heartfelt, in-person thank you. When you see a frontline worker in your daily life, pull them aside and thank them. It could be a doctor or nurse, but it might also be the person ringing up your groceries, the technician fixing your air conditioning, or the stylist cutting your hair.  

 They’ve all spent the past year putting themselves in positions that others were avoiding to help battle the pandemic and keep our economy running. As life returns to normal, and we interact with a greater number of people, pepper all of your conversations with gratitude. It will make a difference in their lives and yours

 However you choose to do it, thank coronavirus helpers as often as you can because they deserve all of it and more. They did what they had to do so that we could all weather the pandemic together. We here at Simply Noted want to give a huge shout-out to all of you that did your part. You’re all heroes, and we appreciate you more than you can know. Thank you!