Simply Noted Vs. Scribeless - Which Handwritten Letter Service is the Best Value?

by Rick Elmore on April 15, 2020

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If you’re a business that wants to increase the rate at which people engage with your mailers, what should you do? If you’re interested in sending out a few hundred invitations with a personal, handwritten message, what are your options? Businesses that need a handwritten letter or thank you cards mass-mailed on a regular basis and all of these other customers have a choice. Manually hand write hundreds or thousands of cards or use an automated service.

Automated services are a much better choice. They allow people to choose a card design and enter a message that is printed to look like handwriting. You get the ease of a printing and mailing service with the personal benefits that come from a handwritten communication.

But which service should you use? They’re not all equal so it’s important to compare their features and costs to find the best value. This article will compare two of those services, Simply Noted and Scribeless, to see which gives customers the best product, the easiest service, and the lowest price.

Handwriting Quality

Try handwriting something in black ink and then make a photocopy. The photocopy is a near-perfect facsimile of the original, and yet you can tell which is which. How?

Because the ink trailing from a ballpoint pen creates varying densities of color. It flows into the paper fibers and can smear if rubbed. The pen’s pressure creates an indentation in the paper surface. These subtle features signal a real handwritten letter.

The photocopy looks like the original but it’s missing all of these features. Because they’re lacking it’s clear to the observer that the photocopy was created by a machine.

Scribeless uses a process similar to photocopying to create their handwritten messages. Generic handwriting fonts are used to simulate written text, and then the text is laser printed onto the interior of the card. The results look a lot like handwriting, but like the photocopy, it’s clear to the observer that it was created by a machine.

Simply Noted uses a more convincing technology. Instead of laser printers, we have a fleet of handwriting machines that use real ballpoint pens to “handwrite” a message into the card. We can vary pressure, line thickness, and spacing to create a realistic handwriting simulation. We can even scan a customer’s actual handwriting to complete the illusion. The only way to get closer to your handwriting is to handwrite your own cards.

Typical Turnaround Time

Simply Noted offers a turnaround time of one day, among the fastest in the industry. Scribeless is a bit slower. Typical turnarounds range between a day and two days. If speed is critical, Simply Noted is the best option.

Otherwise, either service delivers fairly quickly, and the difference is mostly insignificant. As you’ll see, there are far more important reasons to choose Simply Noted.

Card Flexibility

When it comes to creating the perfect communication, choice is important. Many people don’t want to design their own cards, and so they need a large selection of stock designs and sizes to pick from. For those interested in a more unique expression, they want a service that gives a range of custom options.

Simply Noted checks all of the boxes. Customers can choose from stock designs, fully custom creations, or they can provide their own. You’re able to get exactly the card you want.

By comparison, Scribeless’s offerings are fairly meager. They don’t offer any stock designs, nor any design service. Customers can choose from a simple logo and text, or they can upload their own artwork. If you aren’t an artist, you’re out of luck.


A handwritten letter and card with comarketing includes the logo of the printing company somewhere on the stationary. This makes it fairly clear that the card was printed by a service, and not handwritten. And without the illusion of true handwriting, much of the emotional power is lost.

Simply Noted never prints our logo on your cards. We strive for authenticity, so we wouldn’t do anything to jeopardize that. Scribeless is less concerned with creating a realistic handwriting experience, and so they do include their logo on cards they print.

Gift Cards

A great way to introduce friends and colleagues to the power of the mass-created, handwritten letter is to buy them a gift card to a printing service. Simply Noted welcomes this situation and provides gift cards. Scribeless does not.

Business Cards and Inserts

Scribeless allows you to print a letter or card, have it inserted into a printed envelope, and have it mailed. If you’d like to include other collateral material inside the envelope, you’re out of luck.

Simply Noted is happy for customers to include additional inserts. One insert of the customer’s choice is included in our standard price. You could add a business card, informational insert, gift card, content stuffer, or anything else you’d like to include, assuming it fits in the envelope, of course.

If you need to include additional inserts beyond one, you can for an extra charge. We can also produce the inserts for you if needed.


Simply Noted integrates with a number of off-the-shelf software packages like Zapier, Full RESTful API, Salesforce, and Hubspot. This lets you trigger cards to be mailed automatically when certain actions happen within your software.

As an example, you could have a card automatically printed and mailed whenever you create a new customer account. This sort of automation makes certain communications go out when they need to, without having to rely on memory.

Scribeless includes fewer integrations, but they are functional. The downside is that you have far fewer options for what you can send.

Public API

With Simply Noted, not only can customers connect certain commercial software packages, but they can also integrate Simply Noted into their own software as well.

With our public API, customers can create orders from within any piece of custom software. If you have a custom CRM, or maintain some other proprietary application that you’d like to link to your handwritten letter account, you can do that. This isn’t possible with Scribeless. If you need custom integrations, Simply Noted is your choice.


One might expect Simply Noted to cost more than Scribeless due to the extra value the service provides. The opposite is true. Simply Noted’s base, single-card price is $2.70 plus postage. You’ll pay $2.75 plus postage for Scribeless’s service. This isn’t a significant difference, but the value you get for what you pay is significantly higher with Simply Noted

And Simply Noted sweetens the pot with its prepurchased credits system. Purchasing credits lowers your per card price considerably.

For a Handwritten Letter, Simply Noted is the Best Value

With Simply Noted, you get more. More options. More designs. More integrations. A higher-quality, more realistic handwriting experience. It’s the best service in its class or any class. Contact us to see what we can do for you.



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