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Self-Inking Address Stamp? Use Simply Noted Instead

Self-Inking Address Stamp? Use Simply Noted Instead


Are you familiar with this annual holiday card routine? You pull out last year’s address list, cross-reference it with the cards you received during the holidays, add your new friends (and remove the unworthy,) handwrite 150 cards, and lick, stamp, address — over and over again. 

 It’s a long, arduous process that ends with a trip to the post office. You look for shortcuts where you can, but there haven’t been a lot of options for speeding up handwritten cards until now. The primary time-saving device has been used for as long as anyone can remember. 

 The humble self-inking address stamp

 This simple bit of technical wizardry was a wonder in its day, combining a rubber address stamp with a pivoting ink pad. The combination keeps your stamp primed with ink so that every stamp is a good one — over and over again. The integrated ink pad means you don’t have to stamp on the pad and again on your envelope.

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In the grand scheme, your modern address stamp isn’t going to save you a lot of time. You still have to handwrite your cards, print your recipients’ addresses, apply postage, and seal the envelope.  

 The technology isn’t without its problems. Rubber stamps are fixed and unchangeable. When you move, your self-inking address stamp becomes worthless. You’re forced to throw it out and replace it with an updated version.  

 The truth is, while we wouldn’t want to handwrite standard cards without one, there are much better ways to automate your cards. 

 Imagine if you could automate the entire process of creating and mailing a handwritten card?   Think how much easier holiday and birthday cards, business thank you notes, and more would be if you had a way to outsource the handwriting, hand-addressing, and mailing processes? 

 There is.

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Close up of a hand writing something with a pen.


Simply Noted is like a self-inking address stamp for your entire card. Our all-in-one solution will add your return address, as well as your recipient’s addresses, real postage, and a complete handwritten message. And unlike an address stamp, our process is automatic — there’s nothing for you to do once you send us your information. 

 Here’s the exciting bit. Every Simply Noted card is unique. Our handwriting machines use proprietary, AI-powered smart fonts to vary letter shapes, sizes, and other subtle details, recreating the variability of real handwriting.  

 They write with real ballpoint pens, completing the illusion. You get natural ink smears and the telltale indention that lets you know the text was written instead of printed. 

 We have a wide selection of handwriting fonts to choose from. For the ultimate personalization, we can build a custom font that replicates your handwriting, allowing handwritten messages that are indistinguishable from a card you completed yourself.

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Man in a business suit smiling.


Many people send handwritten cards, so it should come as no surprise that we have a large, diverse customer base.  

 Our largest customers are primarily businesses that use our service to automate handwritten marketing campaigns, speed handwritten holiday and birthday card creation, and trigger automated, handwritten thank you notes based on specific business conditions. We offer a host of powerful integrations that allow customers to include handwritten notes in their digital workflows. 

 Consumers also trust us to create and deliver heartfelt, handwritten messages. People routinely automate annual birthday messages, make handwritten holiday cards a breeze, and send quick, handwritten cards as easily as an email. 

 In this way, we share a philosophy with the humble self-inking address stamp. We labor to make things supremely easy for as many people as possible while promising high-quality results. We simply automate far more than just your return address.

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You shouldn’t feel guilty using the labor-saving devices you have at your disposal. Do you feel bad every time you press your self-inking address stamp on to an envelope? We suspect not. Your heart is still in your card, even if you don’t write the return address. 

 The same logic applies to the rest of your card. Your recipient will have the same heartwarming experience reading your card whether you or a robot fills it out — assuming the robot is sufficiently advanced to create handwritten cards identical to the real thing. 

 That’s why you choose Simply Noted over the competition. The “tells” that indicate machine-rendered handwriting are absent in our products. You won’t see letters that all look the same — same size, same shape, etc. The more you stare at our “machine writing,” the more impressed you’ll be. 

 Additionally, we utilize premium paper stock and quality ink pens for a refined experience. Our handwriting robots have learned how to recreate the subtle touches that convince the mind it’s looking at authentic, pen-written text.

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A new Simply Noted user, smiling at her computer.


Using a self-inking address stamp makes your life easier. Upgrading to Simply Noted revolutionizes how you send handwritten mail. You’ll find more excuses than ever to send handwritten, hand-addressed cards when you don’t have to do the work. 

 Trading in your stamp pad is easy. Consumers and small businesses can utilize our convenient web-ordering process. Choose a card, pick your smart handwriting font, type in your message, and upload your addresses. If you’d like to include a gift card, you can purchase one at the same time. That’s it. In the time it takes to write an email, you can mail recipients warm, personalized, handwritten cards in the mail

 For larger orders or to use more advanced automation features, you can integrate your CRM or other business automation software, bringing a new level of sophistication and value to your marketing and outreach efforts. 

 We love a self-inking address stamp. We do! But it’s time to retire them and make the switch to full automation from Simply Noted.

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