Rick Elmore | Founder and CEO of Simply Noted Talks Sports, Business & Entrepreneurship

Rick Elmore, the founder and CEO of Simply Noted, offers an insightful journey through his career in a recent podcast interview, reflecting on his transition from college football to entrepreneurship and the lessons learned along the way. Elmore's story is a testament to the power of transferable skills, the value of relentless motivation, and the importance of technology and standard operating procedures in today's business landscape.



  • Rick Elmore's career transitioned from college football to corporate america to entrepreneurship, utilizing skills like resilience and work ethic from sports.
  • Overcame initial business challenges and technical limitations, eventually transitioning Simply Noted from Shopify to Wordpress.
  • Highlights the importance of personal touches in business, particularly through handwritten notes, automated by Simply Noted.
  • Balances a rigorous work schedule with personal well-being, emphasizing early mornings and fitness.
  • Utilizes automation and technology extensively to enhance business efficiency and scalability at Simply Noted.



 Elmore's career began in the challenging world of college football, where he developed a strong work ethic and resilience. These qualities not only helped him in sports but also laid a strong foundation for his entrepreneurial ventures. Despite a successful stint in medical sales, Elmore felt a strong pull towards entrepreneurship, driven by a desire for challenge and fulfillment.




Taking the leap into the business world, Elmore was determined to make his mark. His pursuit of an MBA was not just about gaining knowledge but also about developing a mindset geared towards innovation and leadership. Despite facing significant challenges, including financial constraints, Elmore's determination saw him through, and he successfully launched Simply Noted.


Elmore's entrepreneurial journey began with a commitment to start a successful business with no debt. He initially used a WordPress platform for Simply Noted, but soon realized its limitations, particularly the lack of API for Zapier integration. Undeterred, he collaborated with a freelancer on Fiverr to develop the required API, eventually transitioning to Wordpress for a more robust solution. This perseverance and adaptability were crucial in the early success of Simply Noted.



One of the key insights Elmore shares is the enduring value of handwritten notes and cards in building and strengthening client relationships. Simply Noted capitalizes on this by automating the process, making it easier for businesses to maintain a personal touch in their communications. Elmore himself is a strong advocate for this personal approach, recognizing its impact in the digital age.



Elmore’s daily routine is a disciplined balance of work and personal life. He starts his day early, often before sunrise, dedicating time to physical fitness. He highlights the importance of heart rate variability as a crucial aspect of his fitness regime. Additionally, Elmore is focused on a new startup venture, for which he credits his early mornings as key to finding extra time in his busy schedule.


 A significant part of Elmore's discussion revolves around the role of automation and technology in enhancing business efficiency. He talks about using platforms like Zapier to automate various tasks and streamline information requests at Simply Noted. This approach not only reduces the workload but also scales up the business efficiently.


Drawing parallels between his athletic background and business acumen, Elmore talks about his competitive nature and high work ethic, likening himself to high-profile athletes like Joey Bosa. He credits his experience in team sports for shaping this aspect of his personality, which he now applies to his professional endeavors.


Looking ahead, Elmore has plans to create a professional network post-retirement from Simply Noted. He aims to leverage his skills and experiences as an athlete to make a significant impact in the corporate world.



Rick Elmore's journey from the football field to the boardroom is a story of adaptation, resilience, and the continual pursuit of growth. His podcast interview not only highlights the parallels between sports and business but also sheds light on the importance of personal touches like handwritten notes in today's digital world. Elmore’s story is an inspiring reminder of how skills from one area of life can be transformative in another, and how technology and standard operating procedures are pivotal in modern business success.


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