Handwritten Halloween Cards for Businesses and Brands

Handwritten Halloween Cards for Businesses and Brands

What time of the year is it when the streets are teeming with witches, goblins, pirates, and ghosts? When kids everywhere transform into their favorite characters for an evening? What’s the season where candy flows like water and knocking on a stranger’s door for a treat is not only acceptable, it’s encouraged? 

 Why it’s Halloween, of course! October 31st — All Hallows Eve — when the veil between this world and the supernatural falls away and monsters roam our neighborhoods looking for sweets. We all know the familiar rituals — spool off a “trick or treat”, take only as much candy as you’re offered, and watch out for cars — most importantly, have fun!  

 There’s an additional tradition that isn’t as widespread, but just as important for some people — Halloween cards. Why mail them? They help both you and your recipients get in a spooky mood. For businesses, they offer an entertaining opportunity to connect with your customers. And with Simply Noted, you can send business Halloween cards to any number of recipients quickly and easily. We have a whole new selection of Halloween cards that’s sure to tickle your clients’ scary bone.  

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 We’ve automated sending handwritten cards, and now our service is better than ever. Leverage the power of our handwriting machines for the most convincing handwritten illusion available. We use real ballpoint pens and AI-powered smart fonts to create handwritten cards that fool even the most eagle-eyed recipients. Your clients will get personalized Halloween cards with very little effort from you.

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A cute card with cartoon ghosts that read "Boo boo boo"

Raise Awareness of Your Brand With All New Designs

Businesses commonly send holiday cards because they help place your brand top-of-mind with your customers, both current and former. So why stop there? The more often your customers hear from you, the more likely they are to seek you out when they need something. 

 Business Halloween cards have another thing going for them — they’re unexpected. Few businesses send them, so those that do can capitalize on the novelty factor. Depending on your industry, your business might be the only one to send Halloween cards to their customers, guaranteeing you’ll have little to no competition for their eyeballs. Submit your email with the form below, and we will send you our new catalog with 200+ designs to choose from, including a wide selection of spooktacular Halloween examples.   You'll find hundreds of ways to personalize your holiday cards.

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 You’ll find an assortment of Halloween cards along with a great selection for other holidays, too. With Simply Noted, you can get all of your handwritten business holiday cards in one place, without ever having to put pen to paper.

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The cover of Simply Noted's Holiday Catalog


We have styles to fit every kind of business, from laid-back offices to buttoned-up professionals. Take a look at a few examples of what you’ll find in this year’s Holiday Catalog.

A Halloween card reading "Trick or Treat" that features a kid in a ghost costume looking up at a smiling monster.

Send Something Whimsical

Halloween is all about scare-tastic good times, but that doesn’t mean it has to be spooky. We have a selection of whimsical Halloween cards that are cute and perfectly aligned to the season. This design features a surprised ghost kid coming to terms with the enormous monster he happened upon — it’s haunted and heartwarming. 

A card with a haunted house that reads "Happy Halloween".

Choose Something Frightening Instead

If adorable isn’t your idea of a proper business Halloween card, we have a range of spine-chilling designs to choose from as well. This classic haunted house will raise the hairs on your clients’ necks while reminding them how much they enjoy working with your organization. Get everyone on your corporate list in the Halloween mood.

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Playful monster faces surround the words "thank you" on this Halloween card.

Get Creative With Your Gratitude

Mail a lot of thank you cards to your customers, employees, and vendors? Now you can send handwritten thanks with a Halloween twist automatically. Playfully spooky characters adorn this Halloween-themed thank you card, perfect for all your seasonal appreciation needs.

A watercolor witches hat in front of the moon sit on this card, right below "Happy Halloween".

Send a Sophisticated Scare

Some businesses, particularly professional organizations, need more refined designs. For them, we offer this elegant, watercolor witch hat. With its lunar companion and smart purple background, the cap is the perfect accompaniment to the card’s classic script font. Say “Happy Halloween” with a touch of class.

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A cat wearing a jack-o-lantern adorns this Happy Halloween card.

For the Pet Lovers in Your Life

If you’re in the pet industry or have a bunch of animal lovers on your list, we have two cards designed specifically for you. This adorable, pumpkin-headed cat will tickle any cat person’s fancy. Prefer dogs? We offer man’s best friend dressed as a delightful witch in a similar art style. 

 To see this canine cutey and our full selection of holiday cards, click the link below to get your copy of our Holiday Catalog. 

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A happy Halloween card set against pumpkins on an orange table.


When mailing automated handwritten business holiday cards is easy, you can send them whenever you like! Don’t limit yourself to Christmas, Chanukah, and their ilk. Expand your horizons and engage your customers and clients with lighthearted Halloween cards as well. With our new Holiday Catalog, you’ll find designs for every taste and style — and most every holiday. 

 Business Halloween cards might be new for you, but we think once you see your recipients’ reactions, you’ll start sending them every year. Consider that if just one customer sends you new business as a result of the mailing, it can pay for itself. Frequent touchpoints, like holiday cards, are an inexpensive way to stay at the top of your clients’ minds. The more often you contact your customers, the more likely they are to think of you when it matters. 

 To get started, click the link below to get a copy of our 2021 Holiday Catalog. With over 200 designs, you’re sure to find the perfect one for your business. 

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