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#1 Alternative for Gift Boxes | Simply Noted

In this day and age of digital communication, sometimes nothing compares to the power of a handwritten note. Handwritten notes are tangible reminders that someone thought about you enough to take the time to write something special. It's like sending a piece of yourself with each letter or card, creating an emotional connection between two people that can never be replicated in any other way. 

 For businesses, handwritten notes can create meaningful relationships with customers that last for years while also having a direct impact on the bottom line. Consumers, too can benefit from using handwritten cards instead of buying expensive gifts – oftentimes not exactly what the recipient wants or needs – by giving them something truly unique and heartfelt instead: your own words written on paper! 

 In this article, we'll explore how replacing gift boxes with personalized messages through handwritten notes is a powerful alternative for both businesses and consumers alike. We'll discuss the importance of such gestures and how they can help build strong customer relationships as well as foster loyalty among customers who will keep coming back again and again because they know their business is valued. Finally, we'll look at some practical tips on how anyone can craft their own personal message without spending too much time or money doing so. By implementing these simple yet effective strategies you can give the gift of your heart without breaking the bank. 

 So why not make this holiday season extra special by sending something that's truly heartfelt and meaningful? Handwritten notes are the perfect way to show someone you care, and they're sure to be appreciated long after the holidays have passed. So go ahead – replace those gift boxes with handwritten notes and make this season one to remember!

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What's More Important, the Gift or the Card?

To some extent, the answer to the question above is subjective. Neither one is objectively more important than the other. Some people will appreciate a handwritten card more than a gift, whereas others (kids, we're looking at you) are quick to ignore the card and start straight into the wrapping paper. 

 Which is more important to you is a question only you can answer. But we can make some general observations, starting with an interesting statistic. 

 About a third of Christmas presents are returned each year. These are just the ones we can track. There's another group of presents that aren't wanted but can't be returned. Still more presents are kept but never used. It's hard to quantify these numbers, but the upshot is that a lot of presents, possibly half or more, are unwanted or unappreciated by their recipients. And that represents a lot of wasted money. Not to mention wasted gift wrap, party favors, custom boxes, and a gift tag. That's a lot of waste. 

 If you know your recipient well, and if you're the sort of person that takes the time (and has the time) to buy just the right gift, your chances of success are higher. Otherwise, buying a gift is statically a flip of a coin. Heads, your gift is a success. Tails, you've wasted your investment. 

 Handwritten cards, on the other hand, are always appreciated. It's no wonder they get opened 99% of the time. While a gift has a chance of missing the mark, it's the rare personalized message that doesn't make an emotional impact on its reader. 

 Instead of flipping a coin on a gift that might fall flat, spend less on a personalized, handwritten note and give a gift that keeps giving. Your heartfelt words will stick with your recipient for years. That's a much better return on your investment. Boxes work, but envelopes are better.

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Is Sending a Card Instead of a Present a Miserly Move?

You might object to the last section as a way to cheap out on your friends. You might contend that sending a $4 card instead of a $50 gift is simply an excuse to get out of spending more money. That's simply not the case. While gift-giving is a wonderful tradition, it isn't the only tradition. 

 Remember the old adage, "It's the thought that counts"? People don't care if you don't spend money on them. They're far more concerned with deepening their relationship with you. An unwanted gift only goes so far. It shows that you spent money on your recipient, but it also demonstrates that you don't know them well enough to get them something they like. 

 A nice, personalized note shows that you know your recipient well enough to craft a meaningful message for them. It shows that you care about them beyond their material possessions. You care about their emotional well-being, and that's something money can't buy. 

 So don't be afraid to replace gift boxes with handwritten notes this holiday season. Your recipient will cherish a heartfelt message far more than any physical gift, and you'll get to keep the money in your pocket. Win-win!


Handwritten notes are the purest form of communication. In a world full of impersonal text messages, emails, and hastily-crafted letters, taking the time to write out something special is like sending a piece of yourself. It's an act of vulnerability that demonstrates your care for another person in its purest form. 

 The very act of writing out a message takes time and energy. It's not an easy task, but it's worth the effort. In just a few words, you can create a lasting, powerful impression on the recipient of your message. 

 Imagine your surprise if, instead of an expected gift box from your friend, you received a handwritten note in the mail: "I'm so glad to have you in my life. No matter what happens, I'll always be there for you." 

 Wouldn't that mean more to you than any physical gift? Of course it would! That's the power of a handwritten note.

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How Businesses Can Benefit from Handwritten Notes

Handwritten notes aren't just for friends and family. Businesses can use them to build relationships with their customers, too. 

 For example, you could send personalized notes to your best customers, thanking them for their patronage. Don't be afraid to get a little creative here; if your customer has purchased something from you more than once, include a message thanking them for their loyalty. That simple gesture could make the difference between an average customer and a lifelong fan. 

 You can also use handwritten notes to increase profits on special offers or sales. Send personalized messages with coupons and discounts to your best customers, giving them an incentive to buy from you again. You'll be surprised at how effective this can be. 

 Handwritten notes are also a great way to show appreciation for customer feedback. Reach out to customers who have recently left positive reviews, thanking them for their support and offering a small reward or discount on their next purchase. They'll feel appreciated and remembered, encouraging them to think of you first when they need something again. 

 Finally, you can use handwritten notes to connect with customers who haven't purchased from you in a while. It's human nature to move on when we don't feel valued, and a simple note could be the reminder they need to come back and shop with you again. 

 In short, businesses of all sizes can benefit from handwritten notes. This small gesture could mean the difference between satisfied customers and loyal fans who spread the word about your product or service.

Handwritten Notes Help Keep You Close to Those Important to You

Our social world is built on relationships. We rely on each other for emotional support, guidance, and love. But it's easy to take that connection for granted. 

 A handwritten note can serve as a reminder of how important someone is in your life. In just a few words, you can express your gratitude and appreciation for all they do - not only with their actions but also their presence. 

 And don't forget: you can use handwritten notes to stay connected with friends and family who are far away. A few words on a piece of paper can go a long way in reminding people how much they're loved and appreciated, even when they're not around. 

 Handwritten notes are a timeless way to show someone that you care. They can be used to express emotion, appreciation, love, gratitude, and sorrow. Companies have long used handwritten notes in their communications with customers—from handwritten thank-you cards to personalized holiday greetings. But they don’t have to be limited to businesses alone. 

 Imagine the impact a personal handwritten note could have on your loved ones. In just a few lines, you can communicate your love and appreciation in a tangible way. It's an easy, effective way to show someone that you care—one that will last far beyond the traditional gift box.

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Gift boxes are a traditional way to show someone you care. But that doesn't mean they're the only option. 

 You can make a bigger impact without spending a fortune on expensive gifts. Instead, take the time to sit down and write out your feelings in the form of a handwritten note. It's like sending a piece of your heart to someone you care about. 

 Plus, it's important to remember that the gift isn't always in what you give. The thought and effort behind a handwritten note can be just as meaningful as something expensive. You don't need to go out of your way to buy something; instead, let the words on paper do the talking. 

 It may sound simple, but it's one of the most powerful gestures you can make with someone. It shows that you took the time to really think about them and express your feelings in a meaningful way. That's something no gift box could ever replicate. 

 So this holiday season, forgo expensive Christmas gift and go for the handwritten note. It's a timeless way to show someone you care, and it can be just as meaningful—if not more so—than even a custom gift box.

Make an Impact with Handwritten Notes

Handwritten notes are a powerful way to communicate your feelings without spending a fortune on gifts. Companies can use them to build relationships with customers, and consumers can use them to stay close to loved ones. 

 Whether you're writing a thank-you card to a customer or expressing your love for someone important in your life, handwritten notes are an easy way to make an impact. They're tangible reminders of how much you care, and they can have a lasting effect on the people who receive them.

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Feel Like a Gift Box is Required? You Can Still Use a Handwritten Note

The statement above might seem strange, but the truth is an envelope can easily double as a gift box. Anyone that's ever sent a check in a card can attest to this. When your gift is small, anything, including a handwritten card, can serve as its container. 

 Need ideas for gifts you can include in an envelope? Here are a handful.

Gift Cards

This one's a no-brainer. The gift card has become the benchmark for easy-to-mail gifts. There are thousands of retailers to choose from, so you're certain to find something to tickle every person's fancy. Best of all, you can opt to include gift cards in your Simply Noted mailings automatically. Simply add the gift cards to your purchase, and we'll slip one into each handwritten note we produce for you, whether one address or multiple addresses.

A bunch of mail and photos.


Don't just throw away those pictures of your family or one special moment you shared with someone. Collect them and include them in a card! Not only will this carefully curated gift be an instant reminder of their relationship to you, but it adds a personal touch that makes a lasting impression they'll never forget.


Who doesn't love chocolate? Chocolate is one of those treats that can lift someone's spirits instantly. Just remember, it needs to be flat! Also, be sure to check the postal regulations before mailing any chocolate because some countries don't allow chocolate in their mail.

A Handwritten Poem

If you're feeling particularly inspired, why not write a poem or two? A short and sweet poem can be put in an envelope with a few other treats for a special surprise. Poems don't have to be complicated; simple rhymes and free verse will do the trick just fine!

Seed Packets

It's easy to find seed packets at most stores or online. Planting seeds is a fantastic way to show someone that you care and want them to experience new things. Along with the seed packet, include a note telling them how this gift will blossom over time!

A loaf of fresh baked bread.

Recipe Cards

You don't have to be a chef to include recipes in your cards. Most people enjoy cooking, no matter their level of expertise! Include a few simple recipes along with ingredients they'll need, and let them whip up something special with you in mind. You could share a secret family recipe with a close friend on their birthday. Have it printed attractively and place it in their card!


No. While paper bills do fit easily in an envelope, it's never a good idea to send cash through the mail. If your card were intercepted, there would be nothing to stop this improper recipient from pocketing the money. You can cancel gift cards or void a check, but you can't do anything to stop a cash thief from profiting. Want to send cash? Send a gift card or a check instead.

Pressed Flowers

Pressed, dried flowers fit easily inside a standard greeting card. Not only are they beautiful, but their sweet aroma will remind the recipient of you every time they smell it. It's a nice way to say "I'm thinking of you" without having to spend a lot of money.

Herb Packet

For the more adventurous gift-givers, there are herb packets. These small packs of dried herbs can be interesting to grow and a delight to recreate favorite dishes with freshly grown herbs! Sending a special seasoning blend is a great way to spice up your recipients' palates and lives!

A cup of tea.

Tea Bags

Tea bags are a fantastic way to show your recipient that you care. Tea is comforting and soothing, especially when it's shared with someone else. Include one or two tea bags in the card along with some dried herbs and spices for them to enjoy while they sip their warm beverage.


Magnets are a great way to add personality and fun to your cards. A quirky word, an inspiring quote or even a favorite picture can be made into magnets that stick easily on fridges, filing cabinets—anywhere! They're sure to bring a smile every time they look at it.


Potpourri can be made into sachets using fabric and filled with aromatic herbs, spices, and flowers. Use a colorful twine or ribbon to attach the sachet to the card and let your recipient enjoy its scent whenever they open their mailbox!

Temporary Tattoos

Here's a great one for kids. Temporary tattoos are a fun way to add a bit of pizzazz to your card. Whether they're "Hello Kitty," superheroes, or something more age-appropriate, your recipient is sure to love them!

A stack of handwritten notes.

Handwritten Notes Are Better With Simply Noted!

Handwritten notes are wonderful replacements for gift boxes, but they do suffer from a scaling problem. If you don't know what we mean, imagine how long it would take you to handwrite a heartfelt birthday card. Now multiply that by 100. Or 1000! Would you have time to fill out that many cards? 

 If you need to send out a large volume of handwritten notes, you need to automate the process. Simply Noted is the leader in automated handwritten communications. We've built a proprietary fleet of advanced handwriting robots that perfectly recreate the subtleties of human handwriting to create a fully convincing illusion. And we tie into your existing marketing software, allowing businesses to automate handwritten cards using the same workflows they apply to digital communications. 

 At the end of the day, it's all about showing your appreciation for those you care about. Handwritten notes are a powerful way to communicate your feelings without spending a lot of money. What matters is the thought behind it and that's something you can never put a price on. So why not replace custom gift boxes with handwritten notes and give the gift of your heart? You won't regret it!