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16 Creative Fundraising Ideas for Sports Teams in 2023

Creative fundraising ideas for sports teams in 2023

16 Creative Fundraising Ideas for Sports Teams in 2023

Sports teams everywhere require creative fundraising ideas to support upcoming events, buy equipment, or cover travel expenses. This post presents 16 original approaches and distinct activities for these sports squads to help them reach their financial goals easily. Try out some of our fundraising ideas for sports teams so that your team can excel! 

key takeaways

  • Motivate your sports team to reach their fundraising goals with classic ideas like car washes, bake sales & team merchandise! 
  •  Unlock the potential of your efforts with unique events such as trivia nights, silent discos, and themed fun runs. 
  •  Leverage digital strategies & partner up with local businesses for restaurant nights, business sponsorships & discount card sales.


Raising money has long been made easier and more enjoyable through classic fundraising ideas. Ideas like car washes, bake sales, and selling team merchandise can be incredibly successful in rallying the local community to support busy teams financially with their donations. Sports team fundraising techniques are not only effective but also straightforward, which makes them perfect for when time is of the essence!

Car Wash

Savvy teams can use car washes as an effective method of fundraising that requires minimal resources. These events also strengthen the team by providing a platform for collaboration and bonding. To ensure success, it is necessary to secure a suitable location (e.g., the parking lot at the local grocery store) and gather all required supplies, such as buckets, soap, towels, etc. 

 In order to reach more potential customers within the community, marketing on social media platforms or email campaigns should be considered when spreading the word about this initiative. Car wash fundraisers not only support raising money but also demonstrate dedication from members towards their goals and promote engagement with locals, which makes them a great choice for sports clubs wanting positive results while fostering relationships between players and supporters alike.

Fresh baked sugar cookies on a pan.

Bake Sale

Organizing a bake sale is an effective way to raise funds for youth sports programs and teams, promote community involvement, and strengthen relationships among team members. Participants can show off their baking abilities while also raising money - volunteers can be enlisted who will contribute baked goods, set up shop in suitable locations, and advertise the event. Fundraising efforts may be increased if other events like silent auctions are connected. Individuals from the local area or parents/players on a team can offer items to make bidding more successful.

Team Merchandise Sales

Raising money for your sports team can be achieved by selling branded merchandise such as t-shirts, hats, and accessories. This is an excellent way to sell tickets and generate revenue while also encouraging pride in the team amongst its supporters. To maximize sales opportunities, both physical stores at games and social media platforms should be used. Tickets can also be sold for added funds. 

 Not only does merchandising help with financing, but it fosters a sense of solidarity among fans, making these items desirable purchases that keep bringing in financial resources to benefit your squad on an ongoing basis.


Teams often look for ways to generate funds, and various team fundraising letters and cost ideas can help. Creative team fundraisers are effective at raising money and offer an enjoyable experience that supporters won’t forget! 

 Three of the most interesting and unconventional events include trivia nights, silent discos, or themed fun runs, all providing exciting entertainment and resources to raise funds for your cause.

Trivia Night

Organizing a successful trivia night fundraiser for your sports team is the perfect way to both achieve that goal and bring people together in an atmosphere of friendly competition. First, you’ll need to settle on a theme, create questions based on it, locate appropriate venue space, and get volunteers involved with running the event. 

 Advertising should be done so as many attendees can take part as possible, along with making sure all entry fees are collected properly too! By following these steps diligently, you will reach your fundraising goal with success while having some fun at the same time.

A group of people dancing.

Silent Disco

For organizations looking to generate funds, silent discos are a creative and entertaining way to do so. From securing the venue of choice, obtaining necessary permits or licenses depending on location, finding the ideal DJ for music-playing purposes via wireless headphones as well as promotion all play an important part in ensuring that this fundraising event runs smoothly. Those who take part will have a truly memorable experience they won’t soon forget!

Themed Fun Run

Organizing a themed fun run can be an excellent way to raise money for your sports team and encourage fitness among participants. It requires setting up a route, recruiting volunteers, advertising the event, providing easy registration options (either online or in person), and charging a fee. These funds will contribute towards achieving the team fundraising ideas and goals of the team. Such events have proven to be popular annually as people look forward to being involved with such activities, which are both entertaining and healthy at once!


In this digital era, teams can benefit from using various online fundraising strategies to widen their reach and secure more funding. We will explore three tactics – crowdfunding campaigns, virtual auctions, and social media challenges which not only aid in money gathering but also enable them to connect with supporters who may be unable to attend traditional fundraisers.

Crowdfunding Campaigns

Teams can use crowdfunding campaigns to raise funds by presenting their story and objectives online. Platforms such as GoFundMe and Fundly are popular avenues for sports team fundraising efforts. For a successful campaign, it is essential to supply an image of the team in action, specify donation goals clearly, and tell a captivating tale that will draw supporters close. Crowdfunding offers not only financial support but also increased exposure, which may enable sporting groups to reach success in future undertakings, too! If handled well, these methods have tremendous potential when employed within a sports team’s fundraising strategy.

Online Auctions

Online auctions give teams the chance to raise funds and provide unique experiences for their supporters. To host a successful event, you need to first find interesting items or activities that your participants would be interested in bidding on, create an online platform where bids can take place, promote it so people know about it, and set up clear instructions on how they should make their bid. 

 Businesses and individuals who donate valuable products are also essential players in this fundraising game as they help capture supporter interest, which leads to increased donations towards achieving your sports team fundraising ideas and goals. All of these steps will ensure a rewarding auction experience!

People taking part in a marathon.

Social Media Challenges

Social media challenges are a great way for supporters to generate funds for their sports team. With the right challenge and its promotion on social media, you can create an impressive fundraising campaign that will significantly boost your team’s efforts. To ensure success in this endeavor, one must develop fun tasks or activities. It is important to use a suitable hashtag, so people have an easy reference point when sharing online experiences related to donations.

Automated Handwritten Donation Request Campaign

Simply Noted is a powerful tool that can help sports teams create a personal touch in their fundraising campaigns by sending automated handwritten donation requests. By using real pen and ink, Simply Noted's handwriting machines create authentic, personalized letters that can significantly increase the response rate compared to traditional typed letters. This is because a handwritten note can convey a sense of sincerity and personal connection, which can inspire potential donors to support the team. 

 Moreover, Simply Noted can automate the entire process, making it a highly efficient method for reaching out to a large number of potential donors. Teams can provide a list of potential donors, craft a heartfelt message, and Simply Noted will take care of the rest. The service can handle large volumes of notes, ensuring that every potential donor receives a personalized, handwritten note. This can be a game-changer for teams, allowing them to focus on their sports while still running a successful fundraising campaign.


Youth teams need fundraising strategies. Thus, we turn to three youth sport-related ideas that can support their cause. Skill clinics have the potential for athletes and families alike to join forces towards a common goal; parents-vs-kids games contribute to fostering teamwork among participants and providing entertainment, while sponsor-a-player programs involve community members in helping out local youths’ sporting activities financially. These concepts help organize fundraising events and promote better understanding between youngsters and adults involved in these projects.

Skill Clinics

Youth teams often look to skill clinics as a great fundraising strategy. To organize a successful clinic, it is important to decide on the type of activity being hosted and find experienced players or coaches for instruction. Advertising the event should also be done ahead of time with setting an appropriate registration fee, which would contribute towards team funds while providing valuable learning experience for young athletes. With proper organization and promotion in place, youth sports teams can reap many benefits from the fundraising idea of running their own skills clinic, thus creating a source of funding and fun opportunity that helps younger athletes learn new techniques!

Parents vs. Kids Game

Organizing a successful parents vs. kids event requires selecting the right game or activity, determining when and where it will be held, and promoting it to attract supporters for your youth sports team. While also involving family and community members in the planning stages, everyone is ensured a fun-filled experience. 

 These events generate money through ticket sales and concessions and foster camaraderie among players and their families, transforming them into favorite fundraising occasions for any group devoted to youth athletics.

Sponsor-a-Player Program

Sponsor-a-player programs offer a special connection between athletes and their sponsors, as well as providing financial assistance. To get the program up and running, you can set up a donation page on crowdfunding websites or create your own online platform to collect funds. You may even decide to partner with local businesses in order to gain support for both your team and individual players involved in the program. Not only do sponsor-a-player initiatives provide fiscal help. They also serve an important role in connecting individuals through sponsorship opportunities.

A small local grocery store.


To help the team raise funds, partnering with local businesses benefits them and their supporters. This could be done through activities like a local restaurant off nights, sponsorships from companies, or sales of discount cards. All these strategies can not only assist in raising money but also provide worthwhile advantages to those involved: they help strengthen ties between businesses and sports clubs as well as positively impact the wider community.

Restaurant Nights

Sports teams can organize a successful restaurant night by finding local restaurants to partner with, setting an event date and agreeing on the percentage of sales they will donate. Promoting the evening both amongst supporters and in the community is key for a lucrative fundraising effort, plus it boosts nearby businesses while fostering friendly neighborhood relations. Good organizing and good promotion make restaurant nights an effective way for organizations to hit their money-raising targets.

Business Sponsorships

Business sponsorships are a great way for companies to offer monetary assistance to teams while at the same time benefitting from advertising and positive brand exposure. To secure this kind of support, there’s some work that needs doing: researching potential sponsors, creating a proposal outlining key terms, and negotiating these conditions before finally putting pen to paper on an official contract. 

 What does your team have that makes them attractive enough as partners? It could be special access or even a positive perception associated with being connected in such a way – whatever it is, use it to ensure you get the best deal possible! 

 Ultimately, business sponsorship provides more than just funding but also has significant value around marketing opportunities and boosting the image of any company involved. If approached correctly, they can make all the difference financially for a sports team trying their luck out there!

Discount Card Sales

Discount card sales are a great way to generate funds for your sports team by partnering with local businesses and restaurants that offer exclusive discounts. The right partnerships, sale of the cards, and promotion can make these discount card initiatives successful fundraising campaigns. Supporters will save money on their purchases while contributing back to the team they love! With proper planning behind it, this strategy could be popular among loyal fans who wish to show support in more than just spirit, through their wallet too!

A football team congratulating itself.


Teams can come up with many imaginative and effective ways to raise funds, from classic activities like car washes or bake sales to one-of-a-kind events such as trivia challenges or silent discos. Online initiatives such as crowdfunding campaigns and web auctions can enable a larger audience for your team to raise money. 

 Youth sports groups may engage their followers through interesting fundraising ideas, including skills workshops, parents versus kids games, and sponsoring athlete programs, which could bring lucrative returns when partnered with local businesses offering restaurant evening store discounts, card promotions, etc. 

 As long as you plan accordingly along proper organization coupled with promotional efforts, then all the necessary finances needed for new uniforms, equipment travel accommodations should be able to reach its goals successfully, allowing the squad to focus on what’s most important: playing & having fun!

Frequently asked questions

How can I raise money for my sports team?

In order to generate financial support for your sports team, you can take action and get motivated! Consider setting up a donation page on your sports club or website, asking for contributions during registration, selling branded merchandise online or through social media campaigns, launching crowdfunding initiatives via specialized platforms, organizing an online auction event, offering digital raffles with rewards, and applying for sport-related grants. All these strategies should help raise the much-needed funds quickly.

What is the most successful fundraiser ever?

The George Floyd Memorial Fund, which saw the highest amount of individual donations of all time, is the most successful fundraiser ever.

What are the best fundraiser ideas?

There is no need to worry about how you can generate the funds needed. Look into some of the many fun and creative fundraising ideas such as a gourmet popcorn fundraiser, shoe drive, cookie dough sale, or autographed memorabilia auction – all surefire ways to raise money quickly. 

 Alternatively, plan an online shopping event, gift card giveaway, or tree planting day activity. Text-to-give system setup or breakfast-in-bed treat for your supporters – anything from film festivals and dinner parties through to speed dating events are effective, too! With careful planning and dedication, any of these activities should help you achieve success when it comes time to raise funds.

What are some unique fundraising events for teams?

Organizers of sports teams should bear in mind the costs related to putting on a unique fundraiser when considering different possibilities. Trivia nights, silent discos, and themed fun runs are all great ways to get people involved while raising funds for their team at the same time. These events can be highly entertaining for participants and help enhance visibility regarding what they are trying to accomplish as an organization, sports camp, or group.

How can digital fundraising strategies help teams?

Sports teams can utilize digital fundraising tactics to broaden their scope and amplify contributions by taking advantage of crowdfunding drives, virtual auctions, and social media initiatives. 

 Through crowdfunding efforts, squads can establish a goal amount for donations they wish to gain from fans. Online auctions are another means by which memorabilia-related items or meetups with the team or VIP experiences may also be bid on.

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