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Creative Fundraising Ideas for Schools to Raise Money Now!

Creative fundraising ideas for schools to raise money now.

Creative Fundraising Ideas for Schools to Raise Money Now!

Are you tired of the same old bake sales and car washes to raise money for your school? Look no further! In this blog post, we’ll explore creative fundraising ideas for schools in 2023 to raise money now. We’ll cover a wide range of school fundraiser ideas for elementary, middle, and high school students, online fundraising opportunities, and unique, out-of-the-box ideas. Get ready to inject excitement into your school’s fundraising efforts and make a real difference in your community! 

 So, whether you're a teacher, a parent, a student, or a school administrator, this comprehensive guide is packed with fresh and innovative ideas to inspire you. We've gathered a wide range of options that cater to different interests, talents, and resources. From sports-related fundraisers to eco-friendly initiatives, there's something here for everyone. So, let's dive into these exciting ideas and start positively impacting your school's future!

key takeaways

  • Unlock creative and convenient fundraising ideas for your school in 2023! 
  •  Engage students with Spirit Week, game days, karaoke events, and virtual game nights. 
  •  Leverage the community’s enthusiasm and generosity through letter campaigns, merchandise sales, art shows and more!


School fundraising ideas for elementary students can be limitless. It is essential to engage young learners with exciting and enjoyable activities that will support their school financially while also creating a community spirit among them and their families. School spirit merchandise, sleepovers, assemblies featuring performances by the students, and selling candy bars are all great ways of raising money for your school. 

 To ensure success in your school fundraising idea or plan, it’s essential to set clear goals plus involve local businesses who may want to help out - such as through providing refreshments at events like movie nights or enabling a portion of sales from goods/services going back into funding schools initiatives. 

 Peer-to-peer fundraisers could include walkathons or danceathons where donations come from friends and family members supporting participants' efforts. Incentives might make things more interesting here, too! A fun activity idea is hosting a community yard sale on site, which not only collects items but encourages involvement amongst those nearby – even inviting local mascots/celebrities along should draw crowds looking forward to making this event both successful and memorable!

Middle school kids having an event involving colored chalk.


Engaging middle school students for fundraising purposes can be a challenge, but several ideas may inspire their involvement. A popular concept among pupils is having Spirit Week - an eventful week where everyone wears the colors or jerseys of the school to display spirit and pride. Inviting community members to partake in themed days such as Hat Day, Pajama Day, or Crazy Hair Day makes it even more interactive. 

 Another fun fundraiser idea includes organizing game day tournaments with families and staff donating prizes while small trophies are awarded to winners adding excitement. Karaoke nights with karaoke machines offering tickets for sale plus donations collected also serve as great fundraisers suitable for these age groupers’ interests. Lastly, hosting virtual gaming events by charging participants will help generate funds that could benefit the educational necessities of the institution itself.


High school students possess the maturity and autonomy to choose events and initiatives that match their capabilities for fundraising. One successful tactic is launching letter-writing campaigns targeted at friends, family members, and local businesses to showcase the value of your school’s programs and needs while eliciting generous donations. 

 Selling merchandise featuring logos or mascots from schools can be a great way to generate revenue while amplifying morale among high schoolers. Items like t-shirts, hats, and water bottles are popular choices when sold at games or other occasions related to one’s educational institution. 

 Seasonal fundraisers such as decorating dormitories with holiday spirit during the winter months can encourage students and alumni to participate — people donate money corresponding with each student who participated, raising funds for multiple purposes within scholastic settings. 

 Organizing an art show event at higher education institutions can be both commercially rewarding and beneficial for publicity. The sale of artwork produced by academic scholars generates revenue and promotes the institution within communities interested in observing the creative works on display. 

 This event, featuring the talent of students and faculty, can benefit the institution in multiple ways. It can generate profits, promote the school's creative talent, and foster a sense of community among participants and attendees. It also provides a platform for students to showcase their work, gain public recognition, and potentially attract future opportunities.


In today’s digital era, online fundraising allows schools to expand their reach through online donations and generate a more significant sum of funds. Using tools such as DonorsChoose or Livingtree, fundraising pages can be created quickly with easy access for people looking to donate digitally. 

 Social media is also an efficient tool for raising money. Campaigns on sites like X and Facebook help build awareness amongst supporters who may wish to contribute monetarily towards school goals. 

 To increase donations, some creative options exist: individuals could establish parenting or educational blogs that would funnel profits back into the institution. Virtual bake sales give students an outlet for showing off culinary creations while doing good - all products purchased through these events go directly toward desired targets set by schools; finally, selling discount cards allows colleges more control over achieving fundraised objectives without having face-to-face interactions due to its availability via internet platforms.

A handwritten note.


To help your school raise funds, using handwritten cards to build a personal connection with supporters can be very effective. Simply Noted makes this easy. All you need is an account and payment system for tracking donations. To maximize success through this platform, set up goals, craft meaningful messages, and offer incentives in return for the donated money. Simply Noted automates the creation of your handwritten notes. 

 By utilizing personalized notes as part of their fundraising strategy, schools can benefit from forging strong relationships with contributors while creating unity around these efforts. Using written correspondence enables them to make those contributing feel special and increases donation likelihoods whilst establishing trust between both parties, which could prove invaluable.


Fundraising ideas can be tailored to the seasons to use holidays and times when people are likely to feel generous. By planning fundraising activities around seasonal occasions, schools stand a better chance of engaging community interest while reaching their money-making goals. 

 A haunted house fundraiser is one example that capitalizes on Halloween fun. It raises funds for the school and provides an enjoyable experience for local visitors by involving students and volunteers in setting up spooky attractions. For wintertime shoppers needing gift-wrapping services, schools offer this service with donations to help reach those all-important monetary targets! 

 Spring offers another idea - flower bulb sales, which will brighten up any garden or outdoor space whilst supporting your institution’s cause, too! Finally, during summer months, car washes carried out by students generate income opportunities and help promote work ethic among pupils.


Sports-related fundraisers can be a great way for schools to increase their funding for athletics programs and promote exercise among students. These fundraising events are usually exciting, competitive activities that unite the local community while creating enthusiasm around school teams. 

 A charity sports game is one commonly used option for these kinds of activities. Ticket sales or donations collected from participants go towards the athletic program’s funds. Another fun fundraiser involves organizing tournaments with individuals or teams paying an entry fee as part of this event – contributing money while also building team spirit in a positive atmosphere. 

 Family sports day functions allow families to join forces to play games they love - generating income by collecting pledges based on each child’s participation rate throughout those activities meant raising much-needed financial support and uniting everyone behind school values, too! 

 Lastly, there is nothing like starting healthy races such as relay runs/walks where kids get sponsored according to how many laps they manage during them, both heightening physical activity plus gathering resources altogether at once!

A live modern dance on stage.


Schools can raise funds for their arts and culture programs by organizing fundraisers centered around the arts. One fundraising idea is to hold a talent show where students display their singing, dancing, acting, or musical instrument skills. Ticket sales from this event will contribute towards supporting school art initiatives. 

 Cultural fairs or festivals featuring performances of different cultures are another way schools can encourage cultural understanding while collecting donations for their fund-raising goals. An art auction showcasing student artwork could be an excellent option, too. Selling these pieces generates revenue and promotes the school in the local community! A trivia night with questions about various cultural topics would also unite everyone to support everything related to artistic expression. Tickets sold here would help financially boost such endeavors. 

 All of these strategies provide meaningful ways that schools and communities alike can foster creativity amongst their young people through financial means whilst appreciating diverse forms of tradition and culture simultaneously.


Fundraising with an eco-friendly approach allows schools to generate money while spreading awareness of sustainability. Ideas such as a recycling drive or selling products like reusable bags, water bottles, and tree seedlings can raise funds for environmental projects within the school system. 

 Holding educational events that involve charging an admission fee is another way to stimulate monetary donations and increase knowledge about protecting our planet through conversations around conserving energy and other topics important in creating a greener community.

A person reaching for a slice of pizza.


Fundraising through food is a popular way to raise money and bring the community together. Food items that are familiar to those in support of schools make this approach both appetizing for fundraisers as well as effective financially. 

 A classic example would be bake sales – students creating baked goods such as cookies, cakes, or brownies, which can then be sold to gain funds. Not only does it generate cash, but it also proves an enjoyable activity between families and friends involved with school initiatives! 

 Similar events include spaghetti dinners/pancake breakfasts hosted by the faculty at cafeterias or school gymnasiums. All profits from ticket sales, alongside donations, go towards improvements within educational institutions whilst offering everyone around a sense of ownership about the communal environment they share in commonness. 

 More unique examples could involve cook-off competitions – each person competing against one another, preparing dishes like chili soup deserts, etc. Then, attendees sample them before deciding who has made the most delicious dish, using part of the proceeds again for fundraising projects. Lastly, you can publish meal books where school members collect favorite recipes, forming these into homemade books promoting family favorites amongst other affiliated groups, not forgetting any revenue profited will once more directed back into the institution’s specified uses.


Product sales fundraisers are an adaptable and beneficial way of fundraising for schools. Selling school-related items, such as clothing or mugs with the logo, can help promote a sense of pride in students’ families and local communities while also raising money. By partnering with businesses in their area, they can provide discounts that offer fiscal benefits for the school and social advantages by allowing involvement from locals. 

 A novel solution could be putting up unique experiences such as art lessons or cooking classes at auctions - these would allow supporters to engage in activities while granting funds to benefit the organization’s needs. Raffle tickets, meanwhile, not only raise money but generate buzz amongst participants, hoping that their lucky pick will give them something special, like event tickets or donated prizes from companies near home.

A group of people all putting their hands in in solidarity.


Community participation fundraisers foster solidarity and spirit for the school by urging people to lend their support. Holding events requiring community engagement allows schools to make a lasting impression on students and those around them. 

 One potential fundraising activity is carrying out neighborhood tidying-up duties. Such as clearing away trash, planting trees, or other tasks that enhance its appearance with donations collected from sponsorships directed towards helping meet the school's educational requirements while promoting unity among residents in the area. 

 A charity walk/run can also be organized wherein participants collect pledges from family members based on how much they take part in it – monies received are used for achieving goals set when organizing such endeavors, plus encourages fitness levels amongst pupils and everyone else living nearby. 

 Another possible option would be hosting carnivals featuring games, attractions, and food booths - profits accrued through ticket sales and contributions will again go into reaching these objectives envisioned at fund-raising time while offering an amusing social experience where students alongside parents and guardians get a chance of having fun, too! 

 Finally, there are volunteering activities, like a volunteer-a-thon wherein friends and relatives pledge money based upon hours spent engaging oneself, actively participating directly or indirectly in activities related to desirable improvements, and tending more toward matters relevant to society. 

 Proceeds earned are transferred similarly toward fulfilling the envisaged aims behind creating this fundraiser. This kindles a sense of accountability both scholastically speaking amongst undergrads simultaneously although contextually implying across community level using the same mechanism provided via the latter program discussed above!


Creative fundraising ideas are a great way for schools to generate excitement and stand out. From scavenger hunts to online auctions, there is no shortage of unconventional opportunities that can help bring in funds while fostering school spirit. 

 Forming teams for a scavenger hunt throughout the campus or its surrounding area makes students part of an adventure, as proceeds generated by registration fees go towards achieving fundraising goals. Schools may also consider hosting an online charity auction with items donated by local businesses and community members. This provides supporters with convenient access to give back financially. 

 If successfully met, “Principal Challenge” fundraisers provide people pledging donations with amusing experiences such as dyeing their hair outlandish colors or spending time on top of the building roof - all aimed at generating money for specific objectives set forth within any institution’s budget planning stages. 

 Pet fashion shows offer lighthearted entertainment involving outfit choices made by specially tailored pets amid ticket sales going directly into another fundraiser! This creates another engaging experience that attracts outsiders while inspiring camaraderie among current attendees, formulating powerful team environments essential when considering today’s endeavors toward success.

Students busy at school


With a variety of creative fundraising ideas, schools in 2023 have the potential to raise money and cultivate an environment of support. From elementary through high school students, online activities or local events such as sports games to art projects could benefit everyone. 

 By exploring these innovative possibilities involving every student at school, it is possible to foster unity and pride while generating much-needed funds! Let us join together in this initiative to make a real difference within our academic establishments and wider communities!

frequently asked questions

What's a good school fundraising idea?

Raising money doesn’t have to be dull when you can spice it up with fun fundraiser ideas such as online shopping, gift cards, autographed memorabilia auctions, gourmet popcorn, and cookie dough sales. Host special activities like karaoke nights or trivia challenges for extra donations or organize tree planting days. Lastly, don’t forget about the less conventional fundraisers such as text-to-give donation campaigns, head-shaving events, and afternoon tea times.

How do I sell stuff for school fundraisers?

Allow your customers time to mull over their decisions, and make sure you choose items that bring out your passion for promoting them. Lend a hand to parents by taking the fundraising catalogs with you when heading off for work. Take orders so everyone who wants something can receive it promptly.

How can I raise money for my school play?

Motivate your audience to support your school play. Sell tickets, donuts, ads on playbills, concessions during shows, running sneaker drives, and collaborating with local restaurants. Make it easy for them to give and watch your fundraising efforts soar!

How can middle school students engage in fundraising activities?

Middle schoolers have a plethora of options when it comes to raising money for their chosen cause. Spirit Week, organizing game days, and virtual gaming nights are all activities in which a great school fundraising idea can spur creativity amongst the students.

What online fundraising opportunities are available for schools?

Explore the potential of online fundraising methods such as crowdfunding, utilizing social media, and running web-based sales campaigns to bolster your school’s fundraising initiatives.

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