Best Fonts for Business Cards

Best Fonts for Business Cards

Businesses send a lot of greeting cards. They’re an excellent way to stay in touch with your clients and keep your name at the top of their minds. Plus, they’re full of all sorts of valuable sentiments. You can thank your customers for their continued business, wish them a wonderful birthday, spread good cheer during the holidays, and wish them a fruitful year at New Year’s. 

 The outside of your card opens your thoughts, providing an attractive or entertaining image and a theme for the rest of your message. The real meat, however, is the text you add inside. And the font you choose decides how your message is presented to your reader.  

 Your message may look serious, playful, comical, or sophisticated, depending on the font you select. Choosing the right font can help amplify your text’s emotional content. Get it wrong, and there may be an uncomfortable disconnect that gets in the way of proper expression.  

 The font you select is, to some degree, a subjective choice. You know what you’re trying to say, and you know your recipient’s mind better than we could. This article will provide suggestions, but it’s up to you to decide the most appropriate fonts for business cards when you mail them.

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Your font choice depends on what you’re trying to express and the sort of people you and your recipient are. But one decision is easy. You should ALWAYS favor handwritten fonts over standard print fonts. 

 Why? Because of the heartwarming effect that handwriting has on readers. A handwritten card feels special because the sender creates it with the recipient in mind. It’s “built” by hand, word by word, capturing a small piece of you that you can send through the mail. 

 Handwriting fonts recreate this emotional appeal while providing the convenience of digital text. They create the illusion that you spent considerable time creating your card, even if you didn’t.

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Extreme close up of a handwriting selection.


It’s critical to note that handwriting fonts are only as good as the technology they’re built with. Standard handwritten fonts aren’t any smarter than their print counterparts. Each time you type a letter, it looks the same. This is a boon for fonts generally, but it isn’t helpful with handwriting fonts. 

 That’s because handwriting is variable by nature. For example, each time you handwrite a letter E, it will look slightly different. It might be smaller or larger, shaped differently, or written slightly above or below the centerline. When this natural variability is missing, as with most handwriting fonts, the effect isn’t convincing. It’s clear to anyone that the text was created with a font and not genuinely written by hand. 

 The handwriting fonts we offer at Simply Noted are different. They’re smart fonts powered by a sophisticated artificial intelligence (AI) trained to recreate the variability necessary for a convincing illusion. Each time Simply Noted fonts write a letter, the size, shape, placement, and other subtle characteristics are altered, creating an automated, handwritten card experience that’s indistinguishable from the real thing. 

 We have options for every mood, whether you want something stately and elegant or lighthearted and playful. Plus our fonts look great! Send us a handwriting sample, and we can even recreate your penmanship in a custom, smart font that will look like you completed the cards yourself! You’ll always find the right font for your card with Simply Noted.

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Check below for a few examples of our favorite Simply Noted intelligent fonts. We have dozens to choose from. Bear in mind that the images below come from our online ordering screen. As you type, you’ll see a live preview of your text in the font you’ve chosen. 

What you’re seeing here is a simplified online sample that doesn’t include the variability our AI will impose on the font when the writing process begins. These simplified samples look like standard handwriting fonts but rest assured, the final product will look identical to real handwriting.

A handwriting sample featuring the font "Tarzan".


Tarzan’s a fantastic multi-use font. It’s friendly and accessible without being overly simplistic. Its wide loops and loose kerning ensure a casual feel, perfect for thank you, birthday, holiday cards, and more. Whether you’re a business sending one card or thousands, Tarzan is a warm, personalized choice.

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A handwriting sample featuring the font "Lumiere".


Need a more refined aesthetic? If you’re sending invitations or thank you cards, you might prefer a more delicate font. Lumiere fits the bills. This tightly structured font features narrow letters and soaring tops to deliver a handwriting font that’s perfect for your most elegant purposes. It’s also a great choice for handwritten direct mail.

A handwriting sample featuring the font "Cinderella".


Large fonts are perfect when you’re writing a limited amount of text, but for longer messages, you need a smaller selection to make extra room. Cinderella does a nice job of balancing graceful lines with smaller letter sizes to create a font that can pack a lot of content in a limited space while maintaining impeccable style and readability.

A handwriting sample featuring the font "Woody".


Businesses often face a choice. They prefer buttoned-up handwriting fonts that reflect their commitment to professionalism. Simultaneously they don’t want a font that’s drained of personality. Woody combines these seemingly conflicting desires into a single font that’s active and fun but also consummately professional.

A handwriting sample featuring the font "Sarabi".


This one’s just fun. It’s the perfect font for businesses that like to keep things casual. Does your business cater to children? Mailing thank you cards for a fun fundraising event? Automating your company birthday cards for the year? Sarabi is an excellent choice. It’s loose, unstructured, and slightly chaotic, perfect for any informal use where personality and charm trump refinement or elegance.

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Handwritten cards are the perfect way for businesses to thank customers, keep lines of communication open, and share special moments with employees and clients. The problem is, they take a lot of time to write. 

 But not with Simply Noted. Using our simple web interface or one of our convenient integrations, businesses can order handwritten cards in any volume, perfectly personalized for each recipient. Our smart fonts create the most convincing illusion available in the industry, and our handwriting machines complete the effect with real ballpoint pens. 

 You CAN send handwritten cards and enjoy the benefits. Use Simply Noted, and the dream can be a reality.

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