Simply Noted, the Better Alternative to SendOutCards

Simply Noted, the Better Alternative to SendOutCards


Both SendOutCards and Simply Noted allow you to mail physical greeting cards to anyone in the world using a straightforward web interface. Both offer an excellent selection of predesigned cards and allow the creation of custom designs. If you choose SendOutCards you won’t be disappointed by their quality or their service. However, SendOutCards is missing some crucial features that come standard with Simply Noted. 

 The purpose of this article is to provide a fair comparison of the two services so that you can make an informed choice. We would never unfairly skewer our competition. They provide a solid service that satisfies their customers. However, if you’re looking for a more refined approach, you should consider Simply Noted. We elevate the automated greeting card business and offer a more personalized approach. Let’s examine why you should choose Simply Noted as the better alternative to SendOutCards.

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Simply Noted doesn’t use industrial printers to create your cards. Each one is created individually by our fleet of automated handwriting machines. Unlike standard printers, our machines use real ballpoint pens and the right amount of pressure on the page to create an authentic-feeling handwritten message

 Unlike SendOutCards, which uses standard print fonts, Simply Noted uses smart handwriting fonts. Letter sizes and shapes are varied as the pens write out your messages to create the variety you see in real handwriting. We can even replicate your handwriting for the ultimate personalization. If you’re looking for a standard, vanilla, printed card, SendOutCards does a nice job. But if you want the extra refinement that handwritten cards provide, Simply Noted is the better choice. 

 Why handwritten cards? They better capture the true greeting card experience. Greeting cards have always been written by hand. You put a little piece of yourself into your card when you pen a message by hand. A printed message feels cold and impersonal by comparison. 

 SendOutCards does offer a few handwritten fonts, but they don’t truly feel like handwriting because they lack the nuances that real ballpoint pens create. Pens leave an indentation in the paper that print heads can’t. Real ink also smears when you rub it. Printed cards miss this feature, too. A printed handwriting font has no variety in letter shape and size, either. In the end, printed fonts ruin the handwriting illusion. They can’t pass for the real thing.  

 With our ballpoint pens and smart font technologies, only Simply Noted transcends the printed word. Businesses sending hundreds or thousands of thank you, birthday, and other cards need a high-end solution that feels immediate and personal. That’s what you get with a handwritten card.

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An assortment of inserts that could go into a card.


Businesses often have inserts they need to include with their greeting cards. Business cards are a common inclusion, as are gift cards. SendOutCards has no option for including an insert in their mailings, while Simply Noted makes it easy. 

 You can purchase gift cards from various retailers right from our website as a part of your card order. This includes Visa gift cards that are good anywhere Visa is accepted. Ordered gift cards are automatically inserted and mailed with your handwritten notes.  

 We’ll also hold onto a supply of business cards for inclusion in your greeting cards whenever you need them. In truth, any small, flat items can be included with your cards for an additional fee. Need to include a small, printed map? Maybe a coupon for free service? You’re only limited by your imagination. As long as your insert fits into our standard envelopes and you can provide it to us, we will include it with your mailing. That service simply isn’t offered with SendOutCards.

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Unlike individuals, businesses tend to mail in bulk and send individual cards less frequently. This is particularly true for companies that take advantage of the power of handwritten direct mail. For these companies, card volumes in the hundreds or even thousands are not uncommon. To mail in quantity, you need efficient ways to get recipient information into the system. 

 Both SendOutCards and Simply Noted allow bulk mailing and feature an address book. Addresses can be added manually or uploaded as a CSV file. But Simply Noted offers so much more. 

 Simply Noted, a PaaS (platform as a service) is built for business. During a bulk purchase, we provide the option to upload a master address spreadsheet. You can easily generate this out of your favorite CRM. Better still, we offer integrations for leading CRM packages, as well as automation tools like Zapier and a custom API for integration with your own tools. You can automate all of your purchases and set up recurring cards, all through the tools you already use.  

 Whether you’re looking to do top-of-funnel or end-of-funnel marketing, automate birthday card deliveries, speed up company holiday cards, or just keep in touch with clients, Simply Noted has you covered.

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Starting at just $2.70 per card plus postage, Simply Noted offers more value than SendOutCards. You get critical business integrations, a user-friendly interface, beautiful card designs, automated handwriting with real ballpoint pens, and reliable service that will never let you down. Need an insert? We can help! Need the heartwarming experience that only a handwritten card can deliver? We’ve got that.  

 SendOutCards is a good company, but dollar for dollar, you get more with Simply Noted. Individual consumers may find what they need with SendOutCards, but business customers will likely be disappointed. The service is a bit weak when it comes to supporting high-end customers, and their price isn’t any lower. 

 If you’re a business that understands the value of handwritten cards for marketing, communication, and morale-boosting, you’ll come to appreciate Simply Noted. Open an account and give the service a try today. All it takes is one mailing, and you’ll be hooked — and so will your recipients. Simply Noted is a premium service without the premium price. Try it today!

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