Why Simply Noted is a Better Alternative to Postable

Why Simply Noted is a Better Alternative to Postable


In the world of automated greeting cards, you have a variety of choices. One of these is us, Simply Noted. Another is Postable. Both offer a variety of card designs, handwriting fonts, a user-friendly address book, and bulk pricing. With Postable you can choose between postcard and folding designs with selections for almost every purpose. 

 If you were to purchase cards from Postable you’d likely be happy with your choice. That said, you’d be even happier if you went with Simply Noted. Why? For one, our customer service is unparalleled. We put the customer first with everything we do. We also offer same-day service for most qualifying orders. But what really sets Simply Noted apart from Postable and the rest of the competition are our handwriting robots. 

 You heard right. We have robots that fill out your cards by hand. Read on to learn more.

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Postable lets you choose between 19 different fonts to personalize your cards. Most are standard print fonts with a few handwriting fonts mixed in. The handwriting fonts look like the real thing — until they’re printed. Then, unfortunately, the illusion falls apart. That’s because Postable laser prints their cards, and laser-printed handwriting fonts, no matter how good they are, will never look like the real thing.  

 Handwriting is a physical process. When you press a ballpoint pen into paper it leaves an indentation. The ink trail isn’t entirely uniform, either. You’ll find small ink blobs and places where the lines are thicker or thinner, depending on the pressure used. Real pen ink can also smear — in short, it isn’t perfect. But that’s part of its charm. That’s how you know someone wrote a card by hand as opposed to printing it on a laser printer. 

 With Simply Noted, all of the telltale markers of authentic handwriting are present. That’s because our handwriting machines use real ballpoint pens. They fill out your cards exactly the same way you would — one letter at a time. We offer nearly 30 different handwriting fonts, and our smart font technology ensures that letter shapes and sizes vary to help sell the illusion. Postable has smart fonts, too, but without the real pen-written experience you get from Simply Noted, they just don’t feel authentic. 

 And authenticity is important. Handwritten cards elevate your recipients’ experience of your cards. They feel as if they came right from your desk and into their mailbox. They have personality and a little piece of you inside. Your recipients will feel as if you took the time to handwrite a card with them in mind. Laser-printed cards, like those Postable sells, lack that level of sophistication. They’re good cards, but they’re not Simply Noted cards.

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With Postable, you don’t have the option to include inserts with your cards. This is a useful feature, both for businesses and individuals. How often do you send greeting cards with a gift card included? With Simply Noted, you can order gift cards from a variety of merchants right inside the order screen and include them with each card mailed.  

 But we take it further. When you mail thank you cards to long-time customers, do you send along a few business cards? It’s a good practice because it helps with referrals. Postable makes no allowances for these critical inserts. Simply Noted will not only include them, we’ll keep your cards on file so that we can add them to each of your mailings. 

 With Simply Noted, for an additional fee, you can insert nearly any flat material into your cards as long as it fits in the envelope and you provide it to use prior to mailing. You might include vouchers when you welcome new customers or driving directions with invitations. The sky’s the limit. Simply Noted ensures that our automated greeting cards are as useful to our customers as possible.

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A graphic showing Simply Noted integrations, including Salesforce, Zoho, Zapier, HubSpot and more.


Businesses often mail cards in the hundreds or thousands. At that volume, it’s not realistic to enter addresses manually. Postable and Simply Noted both allow users to upload their bulk addresses using a CSV file. But only Simply Noted offers integrations directly into the software you’re already using. 

 Imagine sending a handwritten card from inside of Salesforce or HubSpot. We offer integrations with most major CRM packages, allowing you to include handwritten cards in your marketing automation. You might create a workflow that uploads new customer addresses to Simply Noted, automatically triggering us to mail them a warm, pen-written welcome card, complete with a gift card insert. 

 We provide integrations with other automation packages like Zapier. That means you can trigger handwritten communications in nearly endless ways. We also automate customer or employee birthday cards, holiday cards, and more. And with our custom API, you can link any software package you like, even your own. 

 Postable offers lovely card designs. But businesses that take their mailings seriously need Simply Noted.

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Simply Noted Offers the Better Value

Card for card, Simply Noted costs less and gives you more. We offer premium cards, with envelopes and postage included, for just $3.25 per card. By comparison, Postable folded cards start at $3.99.  

 Included with our lower price you’ll get critical business integrations, attractive card designs, included inserts, and automated handwriting with real ballpoint pens. Only Simply Noted lets you send genuine, pen-written birthday, thank you, holiday, and anniversary cards, and more. All that with industry-leading customer service and fast delivery. 

 Would you be happy with a purchase from Postable? We suspect you would. But you get more with Simply Noted, and you pay less, so why would you go anywhere else? Our authentic pen-written handwriting experience feels premium because it is premium. Don’t your customers and employees deserve the best? Of course they do. And when the best costs less than the competition, it’s a no-brainer. 

 Open an account with Simply Noted and give our service a try. You’ll be hooked after your first mailing and you’ll never fill out cards by hand again. Get the best pen-written mailing experience available for a price that beats the competition. Check it out today!

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