Written Letters Done For You | 5 Reasons to Let Us Write Your Letters

Written Letters Done For You | 5 Reasons to Let Us Write Your Letters


Writing a letter isn’t that difficult, right? You find a pen, gather your thoughts — and write! Why would you need someone else to write your letters for you? 

 Because it isn’t that simple. It’s true that writing one letter doesn’t involve a massive time investment, but does it scale? Fifteen minutes to write one letter doesn’t cut into your day too badly, but what if you have ten cards to complete? Now you’re looking at two and a half hours. 

 While ten letters might seem like a lot, it really isn’t. People often mail far more than that. If you’ve ever sent thank you notes for a wedding, baby shower, or birthday party, you know how bad it can be. It can take weeks to complete that many handwritten letters. Suddenly the small investment of time for one card comes to dominate your life! 

 The painfully high amount of time it can take to handwrite letters is just one of the reasons you might want someone to take the burden off your shoulders. This article will talk about the top five and explain how automated, handwritten mail from Simply Noted is the answer you’re looking for.

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We just mentioned this, but it bears exploring deeper. Both individuals and businesses find occasion to send large volumes of handwritten mail. Individuals send invitations, thank you, and holiday cards in volume.  

 Businesses often mail even larger numbers of handwritten cards due to their size and reach. They use the medium to reach out to prospects, thank existing customers, send warm holiday wishes to clients and employees, and find new business. One use, handwritten direct mail, offers a jaw-dropping 99% open rate, a fact companies can leverage to increase their marketing ROI dramatically. 

 All of these uses take time. That adds up to countless labor hours for businesses that send hundreds or thousands of cards. Outsourcing handwritten letters and cards lets their staff get back to what they do best.

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A greeting card with "Happy Birthday" printed in a playful font.


Simply Noted offers customers the ability to schedule cards in advance. You might use the feature to queue up a year’s worth of birthday cards or plan your Christmas cards a few months ahead of the rush. 

 Businesses can use our various integrations to automate regular mailings. Imagine having a warm, handwritten message mailed to all of your employees each year on their anniversary, automatically. You can personalize each card with various user-configurable fields so that each card feels unique, written just for your recipient. 

 We already use little reminders in other areas of our life. Facebook pings us when a friend is celebrating a birthday, for instance. We offer something even better — no reminder at all. You won’t need one when we’re taking care of all your time-sensitive handwritten mail.


A handwritten letter or card costs a lot more than its postage. There are hidden costs that you pay every time, even if you’re not aware. There’s the paper, ink, and envelopes, your gas to the store and post office, and, most importantly, your labor. How much is your time worth? Hours spent handwriting cards is time unavailable for other critical activities that only you can do. By the time you factor in all ancillary costs, mailing a handwritten letter is pretty expensive. 

 Outsourcing the task to us gives you your time back, along with the value that time can generate. In the end, the cost to automate your handwritten letters, cards, and direct mail marketing pieces is lower than the opportunity costs involved with doing it yourself.

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If you’ve used marketing automation before, you’re familiar with this scenario. You create a workflow that automatically sends a welcome email to any new customers added to your CRM. These automations can be quite elaborate and effective, but they’ve been restricted to digital channels until now. 

 Simply Noted brings handwritten marketing to the party. We integrate with your CRM and other marketing automation platforms, allowing you to trigger handwritten cards as easily as a chat message or an email. You can substitute automated handwritten communications anytime you’d otherwise send a digital message. 

 Remember we mentioned the 99% open rate you get with handwritten direct mail? Imagine being able to orchestrate elaborate campaigns as easily as you would email. The ease of digital with the results of handwritten — that’s what Simply Noted does for the handwritten word.

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Wrong name? Misspelled word? Crossed addresses? All of these mistakes and more happen whenever humans are responsible for penning lots of handwritten cards. Machines, by contrast, are perfect. They never drop a letter or mix up a name. Our fleet of handwriting machines can crank out thousands of handwritten cards at a time, each precisely what it should be. You get the look of analog handwriting with the perfection of a digital system. 

 That last paragraph wasn’t entirely true. Our handwriting system is perfect — but also intentionally imperfect. When it comes to handwriting, you don’t want true perfection. That’s what you get with classic handwriting fonts. Each letter looks identical every time it appears. This ruins the illusion. Our smart fonts introduce subtle variations in size, shape, and spacing to create a convincing handwritten experience.

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Spend your time more productively, or simply spend more of your day doing things you want to do. We’ll take care of your handwritten letters. All you have to do is pick a card and upload your address and message. We make it easy to keep in touch with friends, family, customers, and clients. 

 Best of all, none of them will ever know you aren’t writing them yourself, especially if you have us create a custom smart font replicating your unique handwriting. We’re the best way to get your handwritten mail done.