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15 Ways to Say "We Appreciate You"

15 Ways to Say "We Appreciate You"

If you represent a business, you likely owe a debt of gratitude to quite a few people. What do we mean? Consider your customers. Without their loyal patronage, you wouldn’t be in business. How about your vendors? Some likely bend over backward to keep your business meeting your timing, quality, and pricing needs. Surely they’re due a bit of gratitude. 

 Showing your employees you appreciate their contributions helps with morale, providing positive feedback that can motivate them to work harder and smarter. Your strategic partners need a bit of love now and then, too. In truth, a little appreciation can go a long way with every person your company interfaces with.  

 But oftentimes, companies and their representatives aren’t sure how to best say “We appreciate you.” They get stuck before they begin and miss opportunities to build relationships and improve their standing with employees and customers. We’re here to help.

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Approaching business from a place of gratitude can bring all manner of benefits. Saying “We appreciate you” helps build community, letting customers and employees know that they’re valued members of something larger than themselves. This desire to belong is deeply engrained in the human psyche, and when you feed that need with genuine gratitude, you lay the groundwork for long-term loyalty. 

 Your employees are looking for more than just a paycheck. They want to feel valuable. They want to know their contributions are recognized. This leads to greater engagement — with their coworkers, customers, and job responsibilities — increasing overall productivity. In a 2019 report, the Global Happiness Council found that even minor improvements in perceived well-being can create a 10% productivity gain. From that perspective, saying “thanks” has an extremely high ROI. 

 Infusing appreciation occasionally also improves your retention numbers. You’ll hold onto employees longer and create a more cohesive workforce. Customers will likewise stick around longer while potentially increasing the amount of business they do with your company.

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There’s no wrong way to say, “We appreciate you.” Try these for yourself or build off of them to create novel ways to say “thanks.” 

 1) “Thanks so much for the good work you do. Our company is built each day through the efforts of our employees, and you’ve been carrying more than your share for some time. Thank you!” 

 2) “We wanted to express our gratitude for your continued patronage. We value your loyalty more than you know and hope to keep working with you for years to come.”  

 3) “We appreciate your business! Even with all the other options available to you, you choose us. We will work hard to prove that your loyalty is deserved.” 

 4) “You’ve been a vendor for over five years. This is a testament not to our loyalty but your consistent, high-quality service. We appreciate you doing everything you can to provide us with the best value possible.”  

 5) “It’s been a crazy few weeks. We wanted to make sure you knew that all of your hard work is appreciated and paying off. You’re not required to put in overtime, and yet you do. We’re grateful for your continued commitment to the company.” 

 6) “Thanks from the bottom of our hearts for the large order you just filled. We know our deadline was extremely challenging, and yet you rose to the occasion and made it happen. Thanks for everything you do to keep our business.”  

 7) “We appreciate your recent purchase. We’ve been your partner for over five years now, and we hope to stay your provider of choice for the foreseeable future. You’re the best!”  

 8) “We appreciate your hard work. We appreciate your unique perspective. We appreciate your attention to detail. In a word, we appreciate you! Thanks for everything you do.”  

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 9) “Our business is founded upon a commitment to customer service, so it’s exciting for us to see that come to fruition with real-world customers like you. You’re the reason we do what we do, and we very much appreciate the chance to continue servicing your account. Thanks!”  

 10) “Your continued efforts on the Davidson account have added more value to the company than we ever thought possible. We appreciate your commitment to excellence and look forward to great things in the future!”  

 11) “Each year we like to recognize our most important customers. This goes doubly for you, our largest and oldest account. You’ve been there since the beginning, staying with us through a few rough patches. We appreciate your loyalty and pledge to keep winning your business year after year.” 

 12) “We appreciate the recent discount. We’re huge fans of your service and didn’t want to look elsewhere but couldn’t afford the rate we were paying. You stepped up and made a discount happen for us. In exchange, we offer our appreciation and continued business.”  

 13) “You’ve always been there for us, working in the background to ensure smooth operations. To say we appreciate everything you do doesn’t do it justice. Your efforts keep us in business, and we’re forever in your debt.” 

 14) “When we asked you to step up, you grabbed the challenge. When we needed you to put in extra time, you did without complaining. When the chips were down, you made the difference. Please know that your efforts are appreciated.” 

 15) “Too often, hard work goes unnoticed. Companies can be quick to point out deficiencies but are silent when things go to plan. We want to make sure that’s not us. You did something great, and we want to let you know that it’s appreciated. You’re appreciated, and you deserve it.”

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